They trust us

They chose to manufacture
their glasses in the Jura

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They trust us

A few trademarks that have confidence in the French eyewear manufacturers’ know-how.


“Our partnership with a firm from the Jura [east of France] relies on a know-how that combines handicrafts and high-technology and defends both an undeniable manufacturing quality and a creative richness.”

Matthieu Lafont, Lafont s.a.

“Having a factory in Nantes [west of France] gives evidence of our commitment -which goes back twenty-seven years- to be involved in a production ‘Made in France’ and in the perpetuation of ‘the French know-how’. Collaborating with many manufacturers from Ain and Jura [east of France] gives us flexibility, expertise, technicality, creativity and quality.”

Frédéric Beausoleil, artiste lunetier

“Together, let’s create everlasting frames.”

Toon Sommers, Theo

“Reactivity and constant quality are the reasons why we chose to manufacture in France.”

Gérard Vuillet, Vuillet-Vega

“Made in France is the cream of the crop for glasses, like shoes or leather goods in Italy. I use complex techniques to make my models and I need this very special know-how that is hard to find elsewhere.”

Thierry Lasri