Core business

Frame Manufacturer

Manage your Eyewear Collection’s Projets

(Component – Raw or Polished Frame – Ready to sell Frame – Distribution Back-Office)

International Clientèle – Mid-Range / Premium / Luxury Products

14 Silmo d’Or


  • Optical and Solar Frames, including Smart or Connected Glasses, associating:
    – Constructions : Combines, FullRim, HalfRim, RimLess, Monobloc, Bar, Mask, …
    Métal: Cupper Alloy (Maillechort, Niculan, Brass, Bronz, ….) – Titanium or Beta-Titanium – Stainless Steel – Aluminium – Specific Alloys,
    Injected Polymers (Nylon, TR90, ….)
    Cellulose acétate, Propionate, Horn,
    – Advanced Materials : Composites (carbon fiber, glass fiber) – Ceramic – Wood,
  • Material Expert,
  • Non Disclosure,
  • Research of Technical Concepts and Solutions to make your product different, from Prototype until Intelectual Property Management,
  • Collection Industrialization according your image, including the creation, the setting, and the improvment of manufacturing tools and specific machines,
  • Mainly in-house know-how of key compétences to realize a different object, as : Cold Stamping, cutting, bending, 3 to 5 numerical axis machining, welding (brazing, laser, …), surface preparation and polishing, mono and bicolor injection, Assembly and finishing,
  • Project Management Experts – Manufacturing Flows including subcobtracting Management,
  • Certifiable Frames accorfing OFG-Origine France Garantie, MIF-Made in France policies – FDA (Food & Drug Administration) – ISO9001 in progress,


Your advantage:

Team of 80 people dedicted to make credible

the in launch or in reposition Brands with recognizable products

Additional Benefit:

To use at least 2 of our Eyewear Compétences to realize precise or visual components or micro-mechanical sub-assembly, dedicated to :

  • Luxury (watch, bags, accessories, jewelry, pens, …,
  • Medical,
  • Aviation,


Z.I. La Halle

Dirigeant : Sylvain Lamy-Quique / Stéphane Cornu
Mail :

+33 (0)3 84 60 25 43  ou +33 (0)6 33 50 57 81